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Twitter Gears Up for Launch of New Job Listings Feature

Twitter's new job listings feature is reportedly close to launch. The tool, currently being tested by select verified organizations, enables businesses to post job vacancies directly to their Twitter profile.

Twitter's Job Listings Feature Nears Official Launch

Twitter's much-anticipated job listings feature seems close to launch, with verified organizations slowly gaining access. Workweek, one of the early testers, has been able to post job openings directly to its Twitter profile, suggesting a wide-scale launch may be imminent.

As per Workweek's CEO, Adam Ryan, the job listings tool is included in the $1,000 per month "Verified for Organizations" package. Though not officially listed on Twitter's Verified Organizations page, this addition to the package indicates that Twitter may soon launch the feature to a wider audience.

The introduction of job listings follows Twitter's acquisition of job-matching startup Laskie, and aligns with CEO Elon Musk's vision of transforming Twitter into a multifaceted platform, encompassing video, in-stream payments, dating profiles, and potentially, a LinkedIn competitor.

The job listings feature, once rolled out, could significantly enhance the utility of Twitter for businesses and users alike, increasing the platform's value as a key social app. Although the high cost may initially limit access to verified organizations, Twitter is also granting free verification to advertisers meeting a certain spending threshold, suggesting the new feature will soon be accessible to a wide range of businesses.