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Twitter Goes Gold: Verified Organizations Program Launches Worldwide as Part of Subscription Revenue Plan

Get ready to see more gold checkmarks on Twitter - the social media giant has launched its new ‘Verification for Organizations’ program globally, as part of its push for subscription revenue. The program expands the scope of Twitter’s updated verification badge system, but here’s the catch - there's actually no verification process involved, and it’s quite pricey.

For $1000 a month, businesses can get a gold checkmark for their brand profile, along with a square profile frame, to better identify their official brand account. However, it seems like Twitter has eroded the value of the original blue checkmark with its new paid verification program, which is why they had to add another level of verification.

But wait, there’s more! Once a business is signed up, it can also identify its employees’ personal accounts as affiliated with the business, which will automatically subscribe them to Twitter Blue, giving them a blue checkmark. They’ll also get a small brand icon appended to their username, which will help to better identify them as official staff profiles in the app.

One of the benefits of this is that if an employee leaves the company, they’ll lose their verification marker. Under the legacy verification system, people were able to keep their blue tick even though they were no longer spokespeople for a notable business or organization. But with the new program, affiliate accounts will be listed in a new tab on the brand profile, providing another means of verification for staff.

Another benefit is that the business will get priority in reporting impersonation in the app, which will ensure that Twitter takes action against imitator profiles. And if that’s not enough, the business will also get priority support from Twitter staff - a key enticement in Meta’s new Meta Verified plan.

But with no actual verification process involved, it’s likely that Twitter will take anyone's cash as long as they are willing to pay. The price alone could be a barrier for small businesses, with Twitter charging $1000 per month for the gold tick, and an extra $50 per month for every staff member profile that a business adds as an affiliate.

While big brands may be able to afford it, most small businesses won’t be able to take on that level of cost. Plus, businesses in developing markets may also find it unaffordable. Twitter’s not even charging the majority of big businesses for a gold tick, with its 500 biggest advertisers, and the 10,000 most-followed organizations in the app, being given access to the program for free.

In conclusion, for the majority of cases, it’s probably not worth the money. While having a more official brand marker in the app may be beneficial, a grand a month is a lot to pay for something that will likely deliver minor benefit.