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Twitter Incorporates 'Delegates' Function to Replace TweetDeck Teams

Twitter integrates 'Delegates' functionality into its desktop app to replace TweetDeck's Teams feature. Users can now assign account permissions to others for streamlined account management.

Twitter's 'Delegates': A Replacement for TweetDeck Teams

Twitter users relying on TweetDeck's Teams feature to manage their accounts can rejoice as the feature has now been effectively integrated into the main Twitter desktop app. This move comes as Twitter plans to make TweetDeck a feature exclusive to subscribers. The company is launching a new function called 'Twitter Delegates' in its main app, which operates similarly to TweetDeck teams.

Via Delegates, users can grant account permissions to others, enabling them to post on the assigned accounts, thus facilitating easier management. The recent news of TweetDeck transitioning to a paid user exclusive stirred concerns about losing access to Teams, a feature relied upon by many for daily Twitter management. However, it seems like Delegates will fill this gap for non-paying users as Twitter plans to update and upgrade TweetDeck as a paid service.

This development comes as positive news for current TweetDeck users. If Twitter could add new analytics features and improved tools, it could potentially become a worthwhile tool warranting a Twitter Blue subscription. Offering more substantial incentives, like improved analytics, could drive subscription revenue more effectively than less impactful perks like verification ticks.

Many users consider the dismantling of the previous verification system a misstep, leading to confusion and misrepresentation within the app. Meanwhile, third-party Twitter analytics tools tend to offer superior functionality than Twitter itself. By integrating similar features into its own business offerings, Twitter could boost the appeal of its Blue for Business package.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has hinted at upcoming improvements in analytics options, which align with recent enhancements in tweet analytics presentation. This could potentially be the next step in providing more tweet management options within TweetDeck.

For now, it appears that users will not lose access to Twitter Teams once TweetDeck transitions to a paid-only option next month.