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Twitter Introduces Labels for Restricted Tweets to Combat Hateful Content

Twitter is taking action against hateful tweets by introducing new labels to make it clear when tweets are restricted due to a violation of their policies. Previously, Twitter would make it harder to find or show tweets to fewer people that violated their rules, but they weren't transparent about these actions. The new labels will first appear on tweets that violate Twitter’s Hateful Conduct policy. The labels will only affect the tweet and not the user's account. If a user feels that Twitter has limited their tweet incorrectly, they can submit feedback on the label, and the company plans to allow users to appeal Twitter's decisions in the future.

This new feature aligns with Twitter's goal to create a safer and more respectful online community. Twitter plans to expand the labels to "other applicable policy areas" in the coming months, and while it's unclear if that includes tweets the company throttles for no good reason, this change is a step in the right direction. Elon Musk, Twitter's owner, promised in November that hate tweets would be "max deboosted & demonetized," and in December, he said that the company was working on a way to let users know if they've been shadowbanned. This is part of a broader direction at Twitter to take "less severe actions" against accounts that break its rules under Musk's leadership.