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Twitter Introduces New DM Filtering to Tackle Spam Messages

Twitter is adding new DM settings aimed at reducing spam messages. The changes include a restriction where only Twitter Blue or Verified users can send messages to non-connections.

Twitter’s New DM Filtering Mechanism

In an effort to combat spam messages, Twitter is making significant changes to its Direct Message (DM) settings. These changes will provide users with more control over who can send them private messages and will include a restriction specific to Twitter Blue users.

Starting soon, Twitter is implementing a new setting that separates DMs based on the sender's status. Messages from users who are followed will arrive in the primary inbox, while messages from verified users who aren't followed will be directed to the message request inbox.

Notably, this change alludes to a new restriction where only Twitter Blue or Verified users can send messages to people they aren't connected with. While it's not a definitive restriction yet, this move aligns with Twitter's broader push towards verification as a means of filtering and ensuring only paying subscribers can access such functionalities.

However, the update has revealed an interesting trend - some Twitter Blue users have been identified as sending unwanted DMs, leading Twitter to allow users to move these DMs to their secondary inbox. This has led to complications, prompting Twitter to devise new restrictions.

The new settings indicate a move towards further restrictions on Twitter messages, pushing profiles to get verified for DM outreach. The change will also help users avoid spam messages, even from Twitter Blue accounts, and appears to hint at a future where non-subscribers might be restricted from sending DMs to accounts that don't follow them.