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Twitter Steps into Job Market: A New Feature for Verified Organizations

Twitter gears up to launch a job-listing feature for verified organizations, marking its bold foray into the professional space.

Twitter's Job Listings: Changing the Professional Landscape

Get ready for a twist in your job search approach! Twitter is gearing up to launch a novel feature that will allow verified organizations to list job openings directly on their profiles. This new venture, though not officially announced yet, is set to turn Twitter into a recruiting hub for companies worldwide.

Certain verified organizations have already started listing job vacancies under their Twitter bios. Eager job-seekers are just a click away from the company's website where they can discover more about the positions and apply.

The unrolled feature, identified as 'Twitter Hiring,' has been detailed in a screenshot by app researcher, Nima Owji. Verified organizations, according to this revelation, will be able to list up to five job openings on their profiles.

But that's not all! Twitter plans to allow organizations to import all their open positions onto the platform via a supported ATS or XML feed, making Twitter a comprehensive job posting platform within minutes.

This innovative leap isn't entirely unexpected. Elon Musk, Twitter owner, had previously hinted at this move back in May, responding to a user's suggestion about introducing dating features with, "Interesting idea, maybe jobs too."

Twitter's dive into this space marks its intent to compete with established platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. It's worth noting that in May, Twitter acquired Laskie, a job-matching tech startup, its first acquisition since Musk took over the reins, possibly playing a role in developing this new feature.

As for pricing, verified organizations won't have to fork out extra. Adam Ryan, CEO of media company Workweek, confirms that the job postings feature comes included in Twitter's $1,000 per month 'Verified for Organizations' package.

While job postings on Twitter have traditionally been via tweets, this new dedicated feature could revolutionize how companies reach potential candidates across Twitter's expansive user base. Ready to find your dream job on Twitter?