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Twitter Tests Revamped 'Articles' Section for Expanded Long-Form Content

Twitter is experimenting with an updated 'Articles' section in a bid to facilitate more long-form content on the platform.

Twitter Testing 'Articles' Section for Long-Form Content

Twitter's attempt to enhance long-form content sharing on its platform continues as it reintroduces its previously shelved feature 'Notes' under the new label 'Articles'. This change is seen as an attempt to provide a broader range of content posting opportunities in the app.

The original name for the feature when it was in early development stages was 'Articles'. However, it was launched as 'Notes' in June last year before it was discontinued after Elon Musk's takeover of the app.

The Twitter 2.0 team has demonstrated a greater focus on facilitating long-form posting in the main feed. Subscribers of Twitter Blue can now post tweets up to 25,000 characters long, including inline images. This essentially replicates the 'Notes' model as long-form tweets.

There has been some speculation about whether Twitter users prefer a separate section for long-form content rather than super long tweets in the main feed. This could be the reasoning behind the renaming of 'Notes' to 'Articles'.

Twitter's CTO Elon Musk has confirmed that 'Articles' is on its way and will have no length limit.

It's uncertain whether these changes will succeed in making Twitter a universally valuable app for a range of applications. However, with the development of new elements such as job listings, long-form videos, in-stream payments, and even dating profiles, Twitter is clearly expanding its functionality.

Whether or not long-form content fits in with Twitter's structure is debatable. However, the success of such features could be determined by its monetization potential and whether Twitter can offer an equitable revenue share to motivate creators to share exclusive content on the platform.

The addition of 'Articles' could be another step in this broader strategy.