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Twitter Trials Voice and Video Calls in Direct Messages

Twitter is testing voice and video call features within its Direct Message (DM) interface, possibly expanding its utility as a communication platform.

Voice and Video Call Trials in Twitter DMs

Twitter is currently testing new voice and video call features within its Direct Message (DM) interface. This could potentially enhance the app's utility and facilitate easier communication among friends and followers.

As seen in an example shared by Twitter designer Andrea Conway, the new DM interface, which is still under development, would offer straightforward access to voice and video calls. Users would be able to initiate these calls by tapping the call icon located at the top right of their DM feed.

This could be another measure to expand Twitter's functionality. Elon Musk's vision of transforming Twitter into an 'everything app'—an application capable of performing a wide range of functions—could be further realized with these features. By broadening the scope of potential activities on Twitter, these additions might change user perception of the platform's possibilities.

However, shifting traditional behaviors might prove challenging. Most other messaging apps already offer voice and video call features. With WhatsApp's user base eight times larger than Twitter's, it seems unlikely that a significant number of users would switch to Twitter for these services.

By integrating this functionality directly into the app and ensuring easy access, Twitter might encourage new types of user engagement. This could potentially make Twitter a more valuable communication tool. However, Twitter is also testing new restrictions on who can send DMs. If these restrictions were to apply only to paying Twitter Blue subscribers, the value of these additions could be significantly reduced, considering less than 0.3% of Twitter users subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Perhaps a broader strategy is underway, aiming for a more significant push on DM usage. This could increase the value of these features, making them a more viable addition.

As this is still in early testing, further updates will be reported as they become available.