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Twitter Updates Revenue-Sharing Policy for Creators Amid Rising Competition

Twitter is adjusting its revenue-sharing policy for creators, addressing concerns around eligibility, rate limits, and more. The move is seen as a response to intensifying competition from Instagram Threads and other platforms.

Twitter Updates Revenue-Sharing Policy

In response to growing competition from Instagram Threads and other platforms, Twitter has made adjustments to its revenue-sharing policy for creators. This comes as the platform seeks to retain its key users in the face of intensifying competition.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has been actively addressing creators' concerns, which have included issues around account eligibility for monetization, rate limits, and other factors. Musk assured that Twitter would begin sharing ad revenue not only from post replies but also from profile page views. He also announced plans to increase the rate limit for verified users by 50% and to remove a policy that prevented certain types of accounts from becoming eligible for subscriptions.

In the wake of significant changes to the platform, Twitter has been paying creators a share of the ad revenue from their posts. This approach has led to considerable payouts for some creators. However, concerns were raised when a policy restricted some creators, specifically those featuring "animals or fictional characters" on their profile, from becoming eligible for subscriptions.

Twitter's updated revenue-sharing approach is seen as a strategic move to combat the threat posed by other social media platforms. Instagram Threads, in particular, has quickly gained traction, with over 100 million sign-ups within days of its launch. With these changes, Twitter aims to incentivize creators to continue using their platform for their content.