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Twitter Ventures into Job Posting with New 'Twitter Recruiting' Feature

Twitter is developing a 'Twitter Recruiting' feature to allow verified organizations to post job openings. This move aligns with Elon Musk's vision of evolving Twitter into an all-inclusive mega-app.

Twitter is taking a significant step towards becoming an 'everything app', a mega-platform that facilitates a multitude of functions. The social media giant is currently developing a 'Twitter Recruiting' feature, as indicated by the back-end code of the app. This feature will allow verified organizations to post job vacancies directly on the platform.

App researcher Nima Owji shared an example of the upcoming feature, which will allow job postings to be displayed on a company's Twitter profile. These listings will include a link to an application page on the company's website or a third-party provider, facilitating the job application process for users.

Twitter Recruiting' feature

The idea of transforming Twitter into an all-inclusive app is largely credited to Elon Musk. Musk, one of the original founders of PayPal, envisioned building the payment platform into a comprehensive app facilitating a variety of functions. This vision aligns with the evolution of Chinese messaging apps like WeChat, which have become indispensable daily utilities allowing users to conduct a wide range of transactions and interactions within the app.

While Western-owned web companies have attempted to emulate this model, most have failed to gain traction, with users preferring to segregate their online activities based on function. However, Twitter's latest move indicates a push towards creating a more encompassing platform that could potentially integrate a wide array of operations. If Twitter can successfully implement payments, it may open the door to the next stage of development, where multiple additional use cases could be incorporated into the platform.

The inclusion of job posts in Twitter's offerings is a part of this broader strategy to facilitate various processes within the app. This aligns with Twitter's recent acquisition of job-matching startup Laskie, which could be the first of many steps towards expanding its functionalities.

Despite the challenges historically faced by platforms attempting to become all-encompassing apps, Twitter, with Musk's influence, could pave the way towards successfully integrating more options into its platform.