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Twitter's New Features: Hide Blue Tick and Tweet Likes While Enjoying In-App Subscriptions

Get ready for Twitter's major updates! Enroll in Twitter Blue, use premium features, and maintain your privacy by hiding your blue checkmark, likes, and subscriptions.

Twitter Innovates - Hide Blue Tick, Likes, and Subscription List.

Have you ever craved Twitter Blue's perks like tweet editing and monetization, but dreaded the infamous blue tick next to your username? Good news, Twitter's soon going to make that happen! It's working on an exciting batch of features, including options to hide your likes and the list of your in-app subscriptions.

Although these modifications might appear like Twitter critiquing its own features, they might just be the boon for the Twitter users who prefer to keep their interests on the down-low.

In the world of Twitter, the blue checkmark has always been a controversial symbol. It was seen as a badge of honor for the elite, until Elon Musk democratized it, giving 'power back to the people.' However, it seems the blue tick still carries a negative connotation for some, leading to the development of the blue tick toggle. This feature ensures Twitter Blue subscribers can support the platform financially, without being labeled as a Musk's fanatic.

Confused? You're not alone. Originally, it was anticipated that people would be willing to pay $8/month to obtain the blue tick. However, now it appears Twitter is offering the option to hide this status symbol. This pivot suggests there's a demand for such privacy-oriented features.

Meanwhile, Twitter is also striving to give users more control over their online presence. With the new toggles, users will be able to hide their likes tab and keep their subscriptions private. This ensures users can follow their interests without fear of judgement.

This could be particularly beneficial for users sharing or consuming NSFW content. By giving users this added layer of privacy, Twitter could potentially rival platforms like OnlyFans for content creator monetization.

However, hiding likes and subscriptions does raise questions about content moderation, as well as attracting advertisers concerned about brand safety. The situation seems paradoxical - a blue tick is negative, but users should still pay $8 per month for it.

Given only 0.3% of Twitter users have subscribed to Twitter Blue, this decision may not be as impactful as anticipated. However, it does seem Twitter 2.0 team may have missed the mark with understanding their users' needs and expectations.