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Twitter's TweetDeck Soon to Become a Twitter Blue Exclusive Feature

Twitter has announced that its tweet management platform, TweetDeck, will soon become exclusive to its paid service, Twitter Blue.

TweetDeck to become Twitter Blue exclusive service.

Twitter has recently announced that TweetDeck, its native tweet management platform, will soon be exclusive to Twitter Blue, its paid service. The company has released a new version of TweetDeck with minor updates, including an updated tweet composer with all tweet functionality, improved advanced search filters, the ability to sort columns into 'Top Tweets' or 'Latest Tweets', and video docking.

However, the updated version has also scrapped some features, such as TweetDeck Teams, which may affect some business users. Other functional changes may also require users to adapt to the new interface.

This shift comes as part of Twitter's efforts to enhance Twitter Blue and encourage more users to sign up for the paid service. Despite the availability of several third-party tweet management tools offering superior analytics insights, Twitter aims to incorporate more functionalities into its native app to increase its value.

In 30 days, users of TweetDeck will need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to continue using the platform. While there are various alternatives available, this change could prompt existing TweetDeck users to consider signing up for Twitter Blue. Twitter has been contemplating making TweetDeck a paid tool since 2021 when it launched its updated preview.

By incorporating more functional value into the app in future updates, Twitter could potentially turn TweetDeck into an essential tool for social media managers.