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Uber Debuts Origami-Inspired Design for Advance Booking Feature

Experience Uber's latest campaign, an origami masterpiece, spotlighting the convenience of Uber Reserve. Book ahead, ride with ease.

Uber’s Origami Reveal: The Beauty of Pre-booking with Reserve

Delving deep into art and utility, Uber presents a delightful surprise – a campaign that marries the elegance of origami with the efficiency of pre-booking. Welcome to the world of Uber Reserve, the service letting users book rides up to a month ahead.

Brought to life by the imaginative minds at London's Mother agency, the campaign is minimalistic yet striking. Picture this: Uber cars, folded intricately from event tickets and swanky cocktail bar menus. More than just visual appeal, these origami designs signify the versatility of Uber Reserve – from routine travels to spontaneous nights out, pre-planning is a breeze.

This artful campaign, bolstered by the media expertise of EssenceMediacom, is set to charm audiences across outdoor spaces, social media platforms, and digital channels. Embarking under the brand's empowering motto, ‘Go Anywhere’, this initiative aims to enrich Uber's value proposition in the UK market.

As the market evolves, Uber continues to innovate, ensuring every campaign resonates with its users. With this origami showcase, the transportation giant subtly invites everyone to embrace pre-booking – making sure you’re always a fold ahead in your journey.