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Uber Trials New Service: Hire Drivers for Everyday Chores

Discover Uber's innovative expansion into household chores and projects with Uber Tasks, reshaping freelance opportunities for drivers and couriers while offering users convenient solutions.

Uber Tasks: Your App for On-Demand Chores and Handy Help

Uber is taking a bold leap beyond its traditional ride-hailing and delivery services with the upcoming launch of Uber Tasks. This novel service is set to roll out in Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta, as a test phase.

Bloomberg's initial report uncovered the emergence of a "Chore" option within the Uber app's code, hinting at what's now confirmed as Uber Tasks. Think of it as an online marketplace similar to TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, tailored specifically for Uber drivers and couriers who can choose to participate in completing everyday household chores and projects.

In this innovative platform, users can list various tasks, ranging from furniture assembly, snow removal, and at-home laundry to packing/unpacking, holiday decorating, yard cleanup, garden maintenance, and lawn mowing, among others, during the initial pilot phase. The interface allows Uber drivers and couriers to peruse available tasks, with estimated earnings displayed upfront, enabling them to reserve tasks that align with their skills and schedule.

Uber spokesperson Conor Ferguson highlighted this initiative as part of Uber's ongoing commitment to exploring new avenues for individuals to earn through their platform. "We’re always thinking about how to bring people more ways to earn with Uber," Ferguson stated, emphasizing the flexibility and opportunity for drivers and couriers to utilize their abilities on their own terms.

Despite Uber's recent financial success, the company is seeking avenues for further growth. Initiatives like Uber Tasks, along with the recent flight booking service launch in the UK and incorporating video ads into its apps, signify Uber's quest to diversify its revenue streams and expand its service offerings beyond transportation and delivery. With Uber Tasks, the company aims to revolutionize freelance opportunities while providing users with convenient access to reliable help for their everyday chores and projects.