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UK Government Launches Ambitious Wireless Infrastructure Strategy to Deliver 5G and 6G Connectivity to All Populated Areas by 2030

The UK government is making a bold move towards revolutionising the country’s wireless infrastructure. With an ambitious plan to provide 5G connectivity to all populated areas by 2030 and invest in the next generation of connectivity, the government is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to secure the UK’s place in the future of telecoms.

In a bid to establish the UK as a science superpower, the government has set out a comprehensive 6G plan, supported by up to £100m ($130m) of initial funding. The strategy also aims to ensure nationwide coverage of standalone 5G by 2030, with 4G coverage extended to 95 percent of the population.

With £40 million of funding to establish 5G Innovation Regions across the UK, the government is committed to driving the adoption of innovative 5G-enabled services for businesses and the public sector.

But it’s not just about building infrastructure. The government will also establish a national taskforce to encourage take-up and investment at the local level, and work with industry and Ofcom to refarm spectrum where it’s not being used efficiently.

In addition, the government is launching an £8m fund to provide capital grants to promote new satellite connectivity to the most remote 35,000 premises, further enhancing rural connectivity.

The Wireless Infrastructure Strategy is set to future-proof and provide resilient connectivity to over 99 percent of the UK by 2030. With a clear strategic framework to help the private sector invest in 5G networks and support strong competition, the government is positioning the UK to lead the next generation of wireless technology and drive economic growth.