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Unity Launches Beta Version of Apple Vision Pro Game Development Tool

Unity has introduced the beta version of its visionOS development platform for Apple's Vision Pro headset. PolySpatial, a tool designed to facilitate the creation of 3D experiences for Apple's spatial computing platform, aims to streamline the development process.

Beta Launch of Unity's Apple Vision Pro Development Tool

Unity, a renowned game development platform, has launched the beta version of its development platform for visionOS, designed for Apple's Vision Pro headset. In conjunction with PolySpatial, the platform facilitates developers to port and create 3D experiences for Apple's spatial computing platform.

Unity aims to eliminate friction during the development process by offering familiar workflows to those accustomed to the Unity Engine. Marc Whitten, Unity Create president, acknowledges that developing an application for a revolutionary piece of hardware such as Vision Pro comes with its own challenges.

Apple's WWDC keynote was notably lacking in Vision Pro gaming experiences, likely due to the company positioning the product as a productivity device. However, unique gaming experiences will undeniably contribute to the success of the Vision Pro.

Unity's PolySpatial is expected to be initially used to port existing titles to the new platform. Triband, the developer of the game What the Golf?, is already using PolySpatial to port the title.

The public version of PolySpatial doesn't have a release timeline yet, but the limited beta release should allow developers to create experiences for the hardware. Unity is gradually admitting those who signed up for the beta, focusing on solicited feedback rather than prioritizing AAA developers.

Unity aims to work closely with developers throughout the process, from beta to scaling out beyond beta, making sure any issues with the workflow or support are addressed promptly.