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Universe Introduces AI-powered Designer, GUS for Seamless Website Creation

Universe, a mobile website builder, has launched an AI-powered designer named GUS. This beta tool aims to simplify custom website creation on iOS devices.

Universe Debuts AI Designer, GUS for Easy Website Building

Universe, a no-code mobile website builder, has today announced the launch of an AI-powered website designer, GUS (Generative Universe Sites), in beta. This tool enables users to build and deploy a custom website from their iOS devices.

With GUS, users begin by entering the Universe grid editor and initiate a text conversation with GUS to kickstart their website creation. GUS begins by inquiring, "What kind of website would you like to build today?" Based on your response, GUS will solicit further information about your specific needs, such as design preference, color scheme, or the number of pages for the website.

Upon receiving these details, GUS generates a layout that is fully editable without requiring any coding. For instance, if an image chosen by GUS doesn't suit your preference, you can manually replace it. Once satisfied with the final layout, you can proceed to publish your website.

Universe's founder and CEO, Joseph Cohen, stated, "Our mission when developing Universe was to empower anyone to build the internet. Generative AI enables us to achieve this at an entirely new level: just tell GUS your idea, and it'll bring it to life."

Universe Debuts AI Designer, GUS for Easy Website Building

The GUS Beta is currently accessible to all users who update their Universe app on iOS, with plans to expand to the web to accommodate users without an iPhone or those who prefer desktops.

Universe's tool shares similarities with Wix's AI Site Generator launched earlier this month, which also allows users to describe their intent and generate complete websites. Both tools aim to assist small and medium-sized businesses in launching and maintaining websites to bolster sales.

However, these tools are not limited to business owners; anyone can leverage them for easy website creation.

Since its inception in 2014, Universe has garnered $47.3 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. The company received $30 million in December 2021 as part of its Series B round from Google Ventures, Javelin Venture Partners, Box Group, and others. Previously, in April 2020, Universe closed a $10 million Series A from Google Ventures.