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Chrome's Upcoming Feature Will Alert You About Rogue Extensions

Ever wondered why an extension vanished from your Chrome browser? Google Chrome is bringing a feature that will solve this mystery once and for all!

Google Chrome to Alert Users About Removed Extensions

You open your Chrome browser, and something feels... off. An extension you frequently use has pulled a Houdini, and you're left scratching your head. Good news, Chrome sleuths! Google is rolling out an epic update to put an end to these 'Where did it go?' moments!

Slated to be part of the Chrome 117 release, this savvy new feature will proactively alert you if an extension goes AWOL. Whether it's a case of a developer having second thoughts, the extension getting the boot for breaking rules, or it being flagged as malware, you're going to be in the loop! Oliver Dunk, a developer relations engineer for Chrome extensions, spills the beans on this feature that's set to revolutionize our Chrome experience!

Navigating to Chrome's settings will now offer a "Safety check" section under privacy and security. Extensions that have mysteriously disappeared will show up here. Click 'Review,' and voilà! You'll be given options to either remove the extension or hide the warning if you're feeling adventurous.

Just like the superheroes who keep our streets clean, Chrome continues its mission of keeping your browsing safe. Extensions marked as malware? They get auto-disabled, no questions asked!

Eager to see this in action? Set a reminder for mid-September, because that's when this life-changing feature rolls out.

So, if you've ever felt like a detective on a quest to unravel the mystery behind missing extensions, Chrome's got your back!