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VCCP launches ambitious generative AI agency

London-based creative agency VCCP launches 'Faith', an AI-driven creative agency, in collaboration with Staffordshire and Keele universities, to accelerate the application of AI in creativity.

VCCP Introduces 'Faith', an AI-Driven Creative Agency

London-based creative agency VCCP is launching 'Faith', a creative agency dedicated to the use of generative AI. This pioneering initiative, launched in partnership with Staffordshire and Keele universities, aims to integrate AI in its creative operations across all international offices.

Faith is designed to create work for both new and existing clients while also serving as a research and development hub for innovative explorations. The founding client of Faith is Sage, a market-leading technology company.

The team at Faith will consist of 14 practitioners including creatives, technologists, prompt engineers, strategists, data analysts, and makers. The initiative will be led by VCCP CEO, Michael Sugden.

Sugden rejects the idea that AI will make human creativity obsolete. He expressed his belief in the potential of AI as an unrivaled accelerator of human creativity and imagination, provided it is used responsibly.

He further stated that Faith is being launched as a dedicated agency to expand creative applications of AI, expedite collective learning, and share it swiftly with clients.

Faith launches with four foundational principles: transparency in AI use, authenticity and fact-checking of work, legal compliance, and ethical AI use.

Cath Keers, chief marketing officer at Sage, highlighted the benefits already reaped by thousands of Sage customers from AI solutions and services. These include elevating human work by relieving them of repetitive administrative tasks and providing powerful insights for a more personalized and human customer experience.

Keers expressed her excitement for the potential this collaboration brings from a creative agency perspective.