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VCCP London Grows Creator Team to Boost Brand Engagement and Innovative Content

VCCP London boosts its in-house creator capabilities, adding new team members to provide specialist support and deliver authentic, innovative content. This move aims to tap into the thriving creator economy.

VCCP London Adds Talent to Creator Team for Enhanced Content

Creative agency VCCP London is doubling down on its commitment to innovation by expanding its in-house Creator Team. The agency aims to tap into the booming creator economy, which now comprises over 50 million creators globally.

The Creator Team is led by social creative directors David Feldman and Milan Desai, both of whom have rich backgrounds, having previously worked with TikTok and Expedia. They are joined by Lucy Cooper and Becky Harrison, who will serve as VCCP Creators, and Matt Nicholas, a former UK Young Cannes Lions winner, who comes on board as a senior creator. The team will now consist of ten in-house creators and will be backed by a network of up to 5 million external creators.

VCCP aims to bridge the gap between brands and audiences by providing specialized support in generating high-quality, authentic content. Alex Dalman, VCCP’s head of social and innovation, states that the goal is to create “authentic engagement between brands and their audiences” and ensure they are part of key cultural moments.

VCCP believes that effective brand engagement is about more than just market penetration; it's about adding genuine value to conversations and cultural events. Dalman emphasized the team's ability to develop content natively with quick turnarounds, enabling genuine interactions instead of merely inserting brands into existing spaces without added value.

To further bolster its content capabilities, VCCP has set up a new, creator-specific studio. This facility will allow clients to produce a variety of agile, innovative, and engaging social content.

VCCP London’s expansion of its Creator Team signifies a clear intent to dive deeper into the rapidly growing creator economy. With a strong focus on producing authentic content that resonates with audiences, VCCP is positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in brand engagement and social content creation.