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Vivendi Contemplates Divesting Havas and Canal+ in Potential Split

Vivendi's potential split of Havas and Canal+ Group marks a significant shift. Uncover the impact of this decision on the media conglomerate's portfolio.

Vivendi Mulls Splitting Havas and Canal+ Group: Shaping New Business Horizons

Vivendi, the prominent Paris-based media conglomerate, is contemplating a strategic split, considering separate listings for Havas and Canal+ Group following the approval granted by its supervisory board. This move aims to restructure Vivendi's portfolio, retaining entities like Studiocanal, Banijay TV production, Gameloft mobile gaming, and Prisma Media magazine publishing under its wing.

The decision arrives as each unit experiences notable growth in an international landscape ripe with investment opportunities, according to Vivendi's statement. This shift could potentially redefine the business trajectories of Havas and Canal+ Group, leaving them as distinct entities.

Havas, among the world's significant agency holding groups, operates with a vast global workforce exceeding 23,000 employees across 100 countries. Despite registering positive Q3 growth, Havas has faced criticism for its dealings with oil and gas behemoth Shell.

If the split occurs, Havas Creative, Arnold, Battery, and the Havas PR Collective—housing Abernathy MacGregor, Havas Formula, and República Havas—would undergo substantial changes, being affected by this decision. Vivendi's statement emphasizes Havas's strategic acquisitions in recent years, enhancing its expertise and global reach, setting the stage for accelerated growth and transformation.

The potential separation of Havas and Canal+ Group signifies a pivotal moment in Vivendi's evolution, restructuring its portfolio to align with evolving market dynamics. This strategic shift aims to unlock new potentials for each business unit while paving the way for continued growth and transformation in a dynamic global landscape.