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WACL Launches Ambitious '50%' Campaign to Boost Female Representation in CEO Roles

WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications Leadership) has recently unveiled an inspiring new campaign called "The 50%" aimed at driving the advertising industry to fill half of its CEO positions with women. At the current pace, women will not hold 50% of CEO roles until 2060, and WACL is determined to accelerate this timeline.

In celebration of its centenary year in 2023, WACL is calling on leaders and influencers in the advertising and communications sector to adopt a "meaningful and transparent view" on their progress towards achieving a 50% representation of women in CEO roles. The organization believes that equal representation is essential for fostering positive change in the industry and ultimately in society.

To further support their mission, WACL has released "The 50% CEO Playbook," a guide that outlines five levers of change to help companies reach the 50% representation target. These key strategies include changing the language of leadership, promoting for potential, being a women's "health hero," adopting a "flexible first" approach, and working "like the world is watching."

The playbook also features case studies showcasing how companies like Channel4, Grey, Conker, PepsiCo, Dark Horses, Diageo, Pablo, Publicis Media, Sky, Quiet Storm, Tesco, and Vodafone have made strides towards achieving gender parity.

WACL President and Quiet Storm CEO Rania Robinson commented on the importance of pushing for progress, stating that while there has been improvement in C-suite representation, it is not enough. Robinson emphasizes the five levers outlined in the 50% Playbook as crucial to driving significant change in gender equality.

WACL hopes that the playbook will serve as a catalyst for reflection, inspire new actions, and encourage agencies to share anonymized data and strategies for change, fostering collective learning and progress.

With the launch of "The 50%" campaign, WACL is taking a bold stand for gender equality in the advertising and communications industry, aiming to create a more balanced, inclusive, and innovative future.