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Walkers and Pizza Hut Serve Up a Dose of Humor in Latest Advertisement

Walkers and Pizza Hut join forces in a humorous ad campaign featuring a beachside scene with delivery drivers pondering the feasibility of a Pepperoni Feast Pizza while enjoying Walkers' Max Pepperoni Feast and Texan BBQ crisps.

Walkers and Pizza Hut Serve Up a Slice of Laughter in New Ad

Walkers and Pizza Hut have teamed up to create a comedic campaign spot that adds a sprinkle of humor to your snack time. Directed by Alicia McDonald of Missing Links Films, this 23-second film transports viewers to a seaside setting, where two delivery drivers clad in Pizza Hut uniforms take a rest break.

The focus of the film is a single packet of crisps, showcasing Walkers' new Max Pepperoni Feast and Texan BBQ flavor fusion. As one driver lifts a crisp to the camera, the other driver ponders, "Does a Pepperoni Feast Pizza even work? How deep would the box need to be? All the toppings would be uneven!"

After taking a bite, his colleague attempts the same, but before he can enjoy the chip, a nearby fisherman's cast swoops in and snatches it from his grasp.

The witty ad concludes with the defeated colleague lamenting, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone," followed by a voice note affirming, "Pizza on Ridges? Now a Thing."

This playful campaign follows the collaboration between Walkers and Pizza Hut to introduce a joint-branded flavor earlier this year. It also comes as part of a series of recent creative endeavors by Walkers, including a new Halloween spot produced in partnership with post-production house POD LDN. This unique spot leveraged recycled footage to align with PepsiCo's sustainability objectives.

Enjoy a side of humor with your snacks as Walkers and Pizza Hut bring laughter to snack time in their latest creative endeavor.