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Wavemaker & Eurostar Join Forces to Pioneer Rail Renaissance!

Dive into the dynamic partnership between Wavemaker & Eurostar! Discover how they're reshaping the European rail experience, blending technology & innovation.

Wavemaker & Eurostar: Pioneering the Future of European Rail

In the wake of the groundbreaking Eurostar-Thalys merger, a singular rail network has emerged, bridging the UK with the heart of continental Europe. To drive this colossal transformation, Eurostar embarked on a mission to streamline its media strategies, and who better than Wavemaker to captain this ship?

Wavemaker, already renowned for managing Eurostar's offline billings and digital strategies in key European zones, now clinches the complete media planning and buying mantle for all of Europe. Kickstarting from Q4 2023, Wavemaker unveils its ambitious campaign in collaboration with DDB/Adam & Eve, all set to redefine rail journeys!

But that's not all. Drawing inspiration from their ongoing UK triumphs, Wavemaker is poised not just to amplify Eurostar's sales, but to lead a Rail Renaissance. The vision? Reshape Europe's travel patterns, blending passion and simplicity to reshape the rail travel narrative.

Harnessing cutting-edge tools like GeoGraph, Wavemaker is innovating with AI-powered personalisation. Their strategy? Spot potential travellers using real-time demand signals and cater to them with an unprecedented omni-channel experience.

Dorothee Mariotte, Eurostar's Marketing Director, shares her excitement, "This is Eurostar's dawn of a new era, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Wavemaker by our side!" Hamish Davies, at Wavemaker, echoes this sentiment, praising the synergy between Wavemaker's disruptive approach and Eurostar's growth vision.

Kelly Parker, the powerhouse CEO at Wavemaker UK, encapsulates the energy, "Our longstanding camaraderie with Eurostar UK is special, and we're ready to broaden our horizons. Here’s to championing the Rail Renaissance with passion, simplicity, and a unified strategy tailored to every unique corner of Europe!"