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Wavemaker UK Appoints Its First-Ever Head of People and Culture

Dani Saadu takes on a groundbreaking role at Wavemaker UK as the company's first Head of People and Culture. The new position aims to foster a more inclusive work environment.

Dani Saadu,newly appointed as Wavemaker UK’s Head of People and Culture.

Wavemaker, a media agency under the WPP umbrella, has announced the appointment of Dani Saadu to the newly created role of Head of People and Culture. Saadu transitions from his previous role as the Director of People and Culture at Hunter Healthcare.

Saadu’s duties will include overseeing both internal and external cultural aspects of Wavemaker. He will be working closely with the firm’s executive committee and will report directly to Chief Operating Officer Katie Lee. His mandate also includes developing the agency's talent in the UK and creating a more inclusive work culture.

COO Katie Lee emphasized the importance of people in Wavemaker’s vision. “Dani’s appointment is pivotal in how we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), learning and development, and building an agency culture where everyone can thrive,” Lee stated.

Saadu will collaborate with Wavemaker Global and GroupM UK leadership teams to enforce a uniform and inclusive culture across the company.

Additionally, Saadu will work with Wavemaker’s clients to understand their "talent priorities", especially during team pitches that emphasize diversity and inclusion.

Saadu expressed his enthusiasm for the role, citing Wavemaker's commitment to improving the employee experience. "In my opinion, every industry needs this approach to talent," he said.

The appointment of Dani Saadu as Head of People and Culture signifies a new chapter in Wavemaker UK’s pursuit of a more inclusive and diverse workplace. It also emphasizes the broader trend in the industry towards recognizing the value of a comprehensive people and culture strategy. With his background and passion for DEI, Saadu seems well-placed to guide Wavemaker UK on its journey towards an enriched working culture.