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Wayfair Introduces Decorify App Powered by Generative AI for Home Decor

Wayfair's new app, Decorify, uses generative AI to provide photorealistic and shoppable images of rooms. It allows users to reimagine their spaces in different styles.

Decorify: Wayfair's Generative AI App for Home Styling

Wayfair has launched Decorify, a new app that uses generative AI to produce "shoppable" and "photorealistic" renderings of rooms in users' homes, styled in different aesthetics. After uploading a photo of their desired redesign space, users can reimagine it in styles such as "Modern Farmhouse," "Bohemian," or "Industrial."

According to Shrenik Sadalgi, Wayfair's director of R&D, the technology powering Decorify has been in development for a while. The recent introduction of image-generating AI diffusion models, like OpenAI's DALL-E 2, improved the quality of generated images to a point where the app could be released.

The Decorify app, accessible via web on both desktop and mobile devices, requires users to log in with a Google or GitHub account or an email address. At the moment, it only supports living rooms, although Wayfair plans to expand to other rooms in the future.

Users select a style after uploading a photo, and the app "transforms" the room by substituting the existing furniture, rugs, and fixtures in the image with products that fit the chosen aesthetic. However, the products in the transformed photos are only meant to serve as inspiration, and the actual product suggestions from Wayfair's inventory may not always be a close match.

While other apps like REimagineHome and Interior AI use similar generative AI to restyle room images, Wayfair's Decorify stands out due to the company's well-known brand and extensive online inventory.

However, Decorify does have its limitations, with some styles not being applied accurately. Nonetheless, Sadalgi emphasized that this is just an initial version, and the technology is expected to improve over time. Wayfair plans to fine-tune the base model from Stability AI's Stable Diffusion with its in-house image data.

Wayfair's adoption of generative AI is in line with other platforms that are using this technology to enhance e-commerce. Google recently introduced a generative AI feature that allows users to preview clothes on various models before purchasing. Meanwhile, Amazon is using generative AI to summarize product reviews in its Shopping app.