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Whalar Appoints Sam Hicks as Managing Director, UK

Whalar, the global leader in creator commerce, announces the appointment of Sam Hicks as Managing Director, UK. Unlocking new opportunities for creators and brands in the UK market.

Sam Hicks.

Whalar, the trailblazing force in the world of creator commerce, is thrilled to introduce its newest Managing Director for the UK, Sam Hicks. This exciting appointment marks a significant milestone for the company, as it embarks on a journey to revolutionize the creator commerce landscape in the UK market.

Sam Hicks, a rising star within Whalar, has swiftly climbed the ranks since joining as the Commercial Director for the UK over a year ago. Her exceptional leadership skills and unwavering commitment to driving the organization's goals have earned her this well-deserved promotion. Known for her innovative mindset and strategic insights, Sam has played a pivotal role in propelling Whalar's success in the UK.

With a strong background in fostering business growth within the Creator Economy, Sam Hicks brings invaluable experience in operational leadership and cultivating a thriving company culture. Her unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and pursuit of excellence are poised to catapult Whalar's growth trajectory in the ever-evolving world of creator commerce.

Sam Hicks, exhilarated by her promotion, expressed her gratitude, stating, "I am thrilled to step into the role of Managing Director, UK, at Whalar. Leading a talented team that shapes the creator commerce landscape during such an exciting time is both a privilege and humbling. I am committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and trust, driving the company forward with innovation, and empowering brands and creators to flourish in this digital era."

Rob Horler, CEO of Whalar, shared his enthusiasm for Sam's appointment, highlighting her exceptional leadership qualities and visionary outlook. He emphasized her commitment to fostering collaboration and building an inclusive community, recognizing her as a valuable asset not only for the company's growth but also for the success of the creators, brands, and platforms they partner with.

Sam's impressive journey at Whalar includes her roles as the Commercial Director, UK, and more recently, SVP Account Management, EMEA. In these positions, she spearheaded the development and execution of the commercial sales strategy in EMEA, unlocking exponential growth opportunities for clients. Sam led a dedicated team focused on nurturing long-term, profitable, and trusted relationships, collaborating closely with cross-functional peers to deliver exceptional experiences.

Whalar's appointment of Sam Hicks as Managing Director, UK, signifies the company's unwavering commitment to propelling the Creator Economy forward. With Sam's strategic vision and dynamic leadership, Whalar is poised for remarkable growth and continued success in the UK market. This appointment opens up exciting new possibilities for creators and brands alike, as they embark on an exhilarating journey within the digital age.