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WhatsApp's Latest Beta Update for iOS Unveils Exciting New Chat Lock Feature

Get ready for a thrilling update, as WhatsApp submits a fresh version ( through the TestFlight beta program for iOS devices. This update introduces a much-requested and innovative feature: the ability to lock chats using Face ID or Touch ID. Prepare to enjoy an extra layer of privacy and security in your messaging experience!

The latest WhatsApp beta version for iOS is now available on the TestFlight app, and a select group of beta testers have already received access to the chat lock feature. This eagerly-awaited functionality allows users to protect and hide specific chats, requiring Face ID or Touch ID authentication to access them.

To check if this feature is enabled for your account, simply open chat info within the app. Once a chat is locked, it will appear in a new "Locked Chats" section, where Face ID or Touch ID is needed to open it. This update ensures that your private conversations remain secure, even if someone else has access to your phone.

But that's not all! As part of the enhanced privacy measures, notifications for locked chats will not display the author or message preview. Moreover, media from locked chats will not be auto-saved to your phone's gallery, keeping your conversations even more private.

The chat lock feature is currently available to a limited number of beta testers, with plans to roll it out to a broader audience in the coming weeks. To increase your chances of receiving this feature sooner, make sure to keep your WhatsApp version up to date.

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