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WhatsApp Beta Update: Introducing "Admin Review" for Improved Group Moderation

WhatsApp's latest beta update introduces the "admin review" feature, enabling group admins to better moderate chat groups by reviewing and deleting reported messages.

WhatsApp is developing new features for groups in its latest beta update for Android (version, aimed at providing group admins with enhanced moderation tools. The upcoming "admin review" feature allows group members to report specific messages to the admin, who can then review and potentially delete the message if it's deemed inappropriate or against group rules.

The new feature will be accessible from the group settings section and can only be enabled by group admins. Once activated, reported messages will be visible only to admins within a dedicated section of the app, found within group info. This addition empowers group members to maintain a safe and inclusive environment in their chat groups.

Currently under development, the "admin review" feature will be rolled out to beta testers in a future update. Stay tuned for more information as further details become available.