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WhatsApp Expands Broadcast Channels Feature to Seven More Countries

WhatsApp extends its Channels feature to seven additional countries, offering one-way broadcast communication. The expansion facilitates access to information from NGOs, research institutions, and local authorities.

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp has announced the extension of its Channels feature to seven more countries - Egypt, Chile, Malaysia, Morocco, Ukraine, Kenya, and Peru. The announcement came through a tweet and a post on Threads.

The Channels feature, initially introduced last month for users in Singapore and Colombia, provides an avenue for users to follow various NGOs, medical research bodies, fact-checking organizations, and local authorities for information. Channels offer one-way communication where admins can send text, images, and videos to their followers. These channels can be found in a new "Updates" tab, where users can access and follow both global and local organizations.

Following its initial launch, WhatsApp had stated its intention to roll out the feature globally within the year. This latest expansion aligns with that plan.

WhatsApp Channels

Notably, Instagram, another social media platform under Meta, extended its Channels feature globally last month. However, Instagram's Channels are aimed at creating a new communication pathway for creators to engage with their followers.

In addition to expanding its Channels feature, WhatsApp recently launched a standalone app for Wear OS. This app comes with features that allow users to reply to chats, answer VoIP calls, and initiate new conversations.