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WhatsApp for iOS to Enable Sharing of Pictures and Videos in Original Quality

Explore WhatsApp's iOS update enabling high-quality media sharing as documents, revolutionizing user experience with improved visual content.

WhatsApp's Latest iOS Update Unveils Original Quality Media Sharing Feature!

Exciting news for iOS WhatsApp users! A brand-new feature is hitting the chat world - now you can share photos and videos in their pristine, original quality as documents. No more compressing your cherished memories! This game-changing feature arrives with WhatsApp's 23.24.73 update on iOS, promising a visual treat for your media exchanges.

Previously seen in limited trials last month, this enhancement is finally rolling out to all iOS users. The official changelog accompanying the update states that you can now effortlessly send high-quality media as a file, offering an alternative to the default compression methods WhatsApp employs.

While this update may take a gradual "coming weeks" journey to your device, the process to access it is straightforward. Simply tap the "+" icon in chat, choose "Document," then "Choose Photo or Video." Once sent, recipients can dive into the file to view your media treasures. However, previews won't appear in the main chat interface. Keep in mind, there's a cap of 2GB on files that can be sent using this feature.

iOS isn't the only platform enjoying this upgrade; WhatsApp has been testing the same functionality for Android users since September. This suggests a forthcoming stable release for Android isn't far off, offering a streamlined approach to share high-resolution media without the hassles of manual workarounds.

Previously, users resorted to changing file extensions to send full-resolution media. Now, with this latest update, WhatsApp simplifies the process, paving the way for a seamless experience in sharing top-notch media. Stay tuned for updates on when Android users can expect this exciting feature!