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Windows 11 Enhances Security with Advanced Passkey Management Support

Windows 11 introduces improved support for passkeys, allowing users to manage digital credentials for enhanced security seamlessly. This development marks a stride towards a passwordless future, facilitating secure, biometric-based access to websites and apps.

Passkeys Management Support Introduced in Windows 11

In a forward-looking event centered on AI, security tools, and new Surface devices, Microsoft made the much-anticipated announcement: Windows 11 is set to elevate user security and convenience with improved support for managing passkeys.

Passkeys serve as digital credentials that act as an authentication method for accessing websites and apps. Microsoft’s commitment to pioneering a passwordless future is exemplified by its continuous collaboration with industry partners and the FIDO Alliance, aiming to make passkeys the cross-platform, cross-ecosystem standard for access.

With the roll-out of expanded passkey support, Windows 11 users can create a passkey utilizing Windows Hello, the OS’s biometric identity, and access control feature. Users can then authenticate access to supported websites or apps via face recognition, fingerprint, or PIN. Passkeys can be managed on the devices where they are stored or can be saved to a mobile phone for added convenience.

Major tech conglomerates including Google, Apple, and Microsoft are rallying around passkey technology. They pledged to adopt this password-free sign-in standard from the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, working towards making authentication more secure and user-friendly. With passkeys, users can synchronize their authentication across devices using cryptographic key pairs, allowing secure sign-ins using the same biometrics or PINs they use to unlock their devices.

The adoption of passkeys significantly mitigates the risk of unauthorized access as it necessitates physical access to a user’s device. While multifactor authentication and password managers are viable security improvements, they have their vulnerabilities. For instance, authentication codes sent via SMS can be intercepted. The passkey support strives to alleviate such security concerns, offering a more secure and hassle-free alternative.

Platforms like Android and Google Chrome, iOS, and companies like Dashlane and NordPass have embraced passkey support, showcasing its viability. Several websites, including, PayPal, and, are now compatible with passkeys, reflecting the technology’s growing acceptance and implementation.

Windows 11’s advanced passkey support signifies a monumental leap towards a secure, efficient, and password-free digital ecosystem. This development not only accentuates Microsoft's vision for enhanced security and user experience but also sets the stage for widespread adoption of passkey technology across platforms and applications, heralding a new era in digital access and security.