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Windows: The Universal App for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and PCs

Explore Microsoft's unified Windows App, linking remote PCs via Azure, Windows 365, and more, signaling a move towards cloud-driven Windows experiences.

Microsoft's Universal Windows App: Connecting Cloud PCs Across Devices

Microsoft has unveiled a versatile Windows App compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and web browsers, serving as a central platform for streaming Windows from various sources. The app supports multi-monitor setups, custom display settings, and peripheral redirection for webcams, storage devices, and printers.

As of now, the preview version excludes Android support and is limited to Microsoft's business accounts. However, signs indicate a possible extension to consumer accounts in the future, though functionality for personal Microsoft Accounts isn't operational yet.

This move aligns with Microsoft's focus on transitioning Windows to cloud-based services. The newly formed "Windows and Web Experiences" team is emphasizing AI-driven web services for Windows, marking a shift towards cloud-centric features in Windows 11.

Recent revelations from the FTC v. Microsoft hearing indicate the company's intention to fully migrate Windows to the cloud for consumers, akin to the existing Windows 365 for businesses. The Windows App could pave the way for consumers to access cloud-based PCs and Windows applications across non-Microsoft operating systems, potentially revolutionizing Windows experiences.