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Wix Introduces AI Site Generator: Building Websites from Prompts

In response to generative AI trends, Wix launches an AI Site Generator tool. This tool generates complete websites including design, content, and images, based on user intent.

Wix's New AI Site Generator: Streamlining Website Creation

Website builder Wix is betting on generative AI as the future of web design, introducing an AI Site Generator that creates complete websites based on user intent. This tool generates homepages, inner pages, text, and images, as well as specific sections for events and bookings. Wix's CEO, Avishai Abrahami, suggests this tool offers "real value" to customers building their sites and businesses.

AI Site Generator leverages Wix's extensive domain expertise and experience with AI to provide high-quality, tailor-made design and layouts. This tool is the latest addition to Wix's suite of AI applications, including a text creator that uses ChatGPT for personalized content and a domain generator for web domain names.

The AI Site Generator tool works by taking several user prompts about the site and business's nature and using AI systems to create the envisioned site. The tool generates the text, design, and images for the website.

Wix also plans to introduce new editing capabilities alongside the AI Site Generator, such as an AI page and section creator and an object eraser. Users are not confined to the AI Site Generator's designs, with the full suite of Wix's editing tools available for making tweaks and changes.

However, generative AI models also present challenges, such as the potential for generating lower-quality content and the risk of AI "hallucination," where AI models make up facts or produce offensive remarks. Wix ensures the use of tools to manage spam and abuse while creating a safe digital space for users.