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WPP Acquires Sonic Branding Powerhouse Amp, Reinventing Experiential Branding for the Future

WPP has made a strategic acquisition of Amp, a leading sonic branding company, in a move designed to bolster its position in the experiential branding space. As sound gains increasing prominence as an essential branding element, the acquisition comes at a critical time, with 75% of Gen Z consumers reporting that music enhances their connection to brands.

The acquisition will see Amp joining forces with WPP brand and design consultancy, Landor & Fitch. With a global team of over 60 professionals, Amp has built impressive sonic identities for renowned brands such as Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, Kraft Heinz, Deloitte, Shell, and General Motors.

Amp's innovative Sonic DNA design approach, which leverages generative AI, enables the company to analyze, create, and manage sonic assets with unparalleled expertise and strategy. WPP CEO Mark Read emphasized the importance of this acquisition, stating, "With the rise of streaming, podcasting and short-form media, audio has become a critical component of the marketing mix."

By acquiring Amp, WPP will provide its clients with an enhanced range of services that tap into the power of immersive audio experiences to foster deeper connections with consumers. This acquisition is a game-changing move for WPP, demonstrating the company's commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry innovation.

Michele Arnese, Amp Global CEO, shared his enthusiasm for the acquisition, saying, "We are excited to join the WPP family. This industry-first move shows the significance of sound as a must-have brand design and experience component." He added that the collaboration with Landor & Fitch will allow Amp to scale its award-winning Sonic DNA design framework and sonic AI platform, Sonic Hub, within a broader brand identity context.

As Amp embarks on this new chapter with WPP and Landor & Fitch, the combined expertise of these industry leaders is set to revolutionize the world of audio branding and create unforgettable experiences for brands and consumers alike.