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Wunderman Thompson Bolsters Social Media Powerhouse with Beth Carroll at the Helm

Beth Carroll joins Wunderman Thompson as the new Head of Social, ushering in a transformative social media era. The agency readies to redefine human connections.

Wunderman Thompson Welcomes Beth Carroll

In a strategic move to fortify its social media prowess, Wunderman Thompson has amplified its subsidiary, Village Marketing, and crowned Beth Carroll as the new Head of Social.

Having acquired Village Marketing—a dynamo in influencer marketing, boasting collaborations with titans like Nike, Netflix, and Soul Cycle—Wunderman Thompson is now on a mission to expand its footprint in the EMEA region. The agency is stationed at the London hub, ready to introduce a groundbreaking approach to social media.

This fresh strategy pivots on fostering genuine human interactions. How? By seamlessly blending the agency’s array of services: from paid and organic content, editorial mastery, and top-notch production to influencer administration, data insights, and commerce.

Beth Carroll, previously the Head of Social at Iris, is the captain steering this revolutionary ship. Under the watchful eye of UK CEO, Pip Hulbert, Carroll will command a formidable army of over 170 experts, spanning planners, creators, tech wizards, and influencers throughout the EMEA realm. Hulbert enthusiastically shares, “Our H2H mantra melds niche social know-how with stellar creativity, offering clients a foolproof formula to invest confidently.”

In echoing the agency’s ethos, Hulbert praises Carroll: “With Beth leading the charge, we’re banking on a stalwart who embodies our aspiration to reshape social media, ensuring clients savor unparalleled excellence.”

Carroll’s response radiates excitement: “Joining the ranks of Wunderman Thompson—a beacon with an unmatched arsenal of social media tools—is exhilarating. My focus will be laser-sharp: to keep propelling forward, guiding clients through the ever-morphing social media landscape.”