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X's New Update: Sorting by Likes Over Chronology for Logged-Out Users

X, formerly Twitter, rearranges posts based on likes for logged-out users. A move to lure new users or a sign of more changes under Musk's leadership?

X Changes Post Order for Logged-Out Users

In a surprising twist, X – previously Twitter – now arranges posts based on their like counts rather than their chronological order for users who aren't logged in. While logged-in users continue to see posts in the sequence they were shared, the logged-out experience focuses on post performance.

This alteration first came to light via a 9to5Google report. Interestingly, the sorting criterion is solely the number of likes, as posts with more views but fewer likes are positioned lower. This change could potentially mean that a user's most popular posts, even if dated, receive prominence over the more current ones.

An intriguing observation is that even pinned posts – typically designated for top visibility – don't retain their prime position for users browsing when logged out.

While the rationale behind this modification remains speculative, one theory suggests it may be a tactic by X to pique the interest of logged-out visitors. By showcasing a user's top-performing posts, X might be hoping to convert these visitors into followers or even registered users.

Since Elon Musk's takeover last year, X has been on a transformation spree. Another recent significant update is the transition of "X Pro" (formerly TweetDeck) to a subscription-only model, aligning with the earlier announcement about restricting TweetDeck access to verified users.

The trajectory of these updates has left the digital community intrigued, anticipating further shifts in X's platform dynamics under Musk's helm.