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X Enhances Community Notes Program, Introduces 'Top Writer' Recognition for Esteemed Contributors

X is broadening its Community Notes feature to more regions and introducing a 'Top Writer' badge for high-performing contributors. This move could reshape content moderation on the platform.

X's Expanded Community Notes: A New Approach to Moderation

X is advancing its Community Notes feature, extending it to users in an additional 18 regions, thereby amplifying the feature's reach and capacity to 44 regions worldwide. The expansion allows more users to volunteer for content moderation, adding contextual notes and links to potentially false or misleading content.

Furthermore, X introduces a 'Top Writer' badge to offer credibility to notes from well-regarded contributors. This change could enhance the consensus rate on Top Writer notes, making them more likely to appear when required in the app.

X's Expanded Community Notes: A New Approach to Moderation

These developments align with Elon Musk's 'freedom of speech, not reach' principle for the rebranded X app. The platform increasingly relies on Community Notes as a means to evaluate content accuracy, leveraging community input.

However, this strategy isn't without flaws. According to the Poynter Institute, the majority of Community Notes remain unseen in the app due to the review system's structure. To be displayed, notes need consensus from users with opposing views. This requirement for 'ideological consensus' often proves challenging in a partisan environment, impeding the system's effectiveness.

Despite the setbacks, X is forging ahead with the expansion of Community Notes, tweaking the system along the way. While the feature aids in combating certain types of misinformation, it may not be the comprehensive solution X envisions it to be. Additional checking measures may be necessary to ensure content accuracy and safety, especially in the context of advertiser reassurances.