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X Explores ID Verification to Counteract Bots and Enhance User Authenticity

X introduces ID verification elements in its ongoing efforts against bots. This strategy parallels LinkedIn's initiatives but comes with unique challenges.

X Introduces ID Verification: A Move Towards Authenticity

X formely Twitter,is making notable strides in ensuring user genuineness by exploring ID verification functionalities. This move, highlighted by X News Daily, will have users confirm their identity by submitting a selfie and their government-issued identification.

Partnering with au10tix, an external agency, X aims to manage large-scale identity verifications, acknowledging the monumental task of checking IDs of millions. This strategy resonates with LinkedIn’s attempts to streamline user authenticity through similar ID checks.

However, with advantages come challenges. X’s potential mandate for ID verification, especially for premium users, could raise concerns about anonymity. Plus, the potential for reduced multi-account functionalities may deter certain users.

Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform, emphasized defeating bot invasion, advocating for genuine human users. While Musk’s aim was authenticating real users, his focus on paid verifications as a potential solution was met with skepticism. With only 0.5% of users subscribing, the value proposition of paid verification was in question.

X's ID verification could be a game-changer, addressing issues tied to bots and fake accounts. Yet, for Musk, subscriptions remain the ultimate solution to bot challenges. Balancing the fine line between ensuring authenticity and maintaining user trust will be pivotal for X's future.