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X to Start Collecting Biometric Data and Employment History from Users

Social media giant X plans to collect biometric data and job history from its users, stirring privacy concerns. The new policy takes effect on September 29.

X to Collect Biometric Data and Job History of Users

X, formerly known as Twitter, is updating its privacy policy to collect biometric data and employment history from users. The changes, set to take effect on September 29, have raised eyebrows among privacy advocates.

According to the updated privacy policy, X aims to use biometric data for "safety, security, and identification purposes." While the specifics remain unclear, biometrics typically include physical characteristics like facial features and fingerprints. X told Bloomberg that premium users could opt to submit government IDs and images for extra verification layers.

App developer Steve Moser suggests that the new policy could be paving the way for passwordless sign-ins. Passkeys, which use encrypted biometric methods, could potentially replace passwords in the future.

X faces a pending lawsuit accusing the platform of capturing and storing biometric data of Illinois residents without consent. This update might add more fuel to the fire as it comes amid such legal challenges.

X also plans to collect users' employment and educational histories. According to the new policy, this data could be used to recommend potential job opportunities and to enable employers to find candidates. This appears to be part of X's broader plan to transform itself into an "everything app."

While the move promises enhanced security and feature-rich user experiences, it undoubtedly raises questions about user privacy and data protection. As the September 29 deadline approaches, it remains to be seen how users and privacy advocates will react.