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X Introduces Feature Allowing Advertisers to Target Exclusive Premium Subscribers with Campaigns

Explore the new ad option on X, allowing marketers to reach active spenders among X Premium subscribers for amplified campaign effectiveness.

Exploring Advertising on X: Targeting X Premium Subscribers for Enhanced Campaign Reach

While X might not be the top choice for advertising due to Elon Musk's controversial views, millions still engage with the platform daily, offering potential for savvy marketers targeting specific audiences.

Recently, X introduced a new ad option, catering specifically to X Premium subscribers. This addition provides advertisers with the ability to tailor campaigns toward paying users, potentially reaching a more active and financially capable audience.

Consider this - X Premium subscribers invest in the platform, indicating a higher disposable income. This targeting option might open avenues to tap into a more lucrative segment of users.

However, reaching this audience might pose a challenge as currently, less than 1% of X users are subscribed to X Premium. In efforts to increase this figure, X incentivizes paying users by offering exclusive features like access to the Grok AI chatbot. Yet, the traction seems limited.

Elon Musk's pursuit to shift the platform's revenue reliance from ads to subscriptions could lead to looser content restrictions, giving users greater influence over content authenticity via Community Notes. While this approach holds promise, it hasn't gained substantial traction, especially given Musk's clashes with traditional user bases.

Nevertheless, if your target audience aligns with X Premium subscribers, experimenting with this new toggle could yield intriguing results for your campaigns.

X confirms that the new setting is accessible for all advertisers during campaign setup, opening doors to explore targeted marketing to the X Premium user base.