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X Introduces Incognito Mode Controls for Spaces Hosts

Discover how X's latest "Allow Incognito" setting in Spaces empowers hosts to manage user access, enabling anonymity in audio discussions for logged-in and non-logged-in users.

X Introduces Incognito Mode for Spaces, Empowering Hosts with User Control

X is rolling out a significant update for Spaces, introducing a novel control mechanism for hosts to regulate participation in their audio chats within the app. This new "Allow Incognito" setting, unveiled this week, provides Spaces hosts with the authority to determine the audience composition of their discussions.

Shared by app researcher Radu Onescu, this latest enhancement empowers Spaces hosts with a toggle that governs the inclusion of anonymous users in their chats. The feature allows hosts to either permit or restrict the participation of non-logged-in users, effectively enabling them to create a locked-down environment exclusively for logged-in individuals.

The option to join Spaces anonymously reflects a trend similar to the ability to conceal verification checkmarks, introduced in July. This acknowledgment recognizes the evolving perception of such markers as potentially negative, challenging the initial concept of selling verified badges.

Recent controversial associations of X owner Elon Musk have spurred the need for incognito options. Musk's engagements with divisive figures like conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and influencer Andrew Tate have generated curiosity while prompting concerns about being associated with contentious discussions.

Acknowledging these concerns, Musk even offered to cover legal fees for users impacted by their activity on X, underscoring the apprehensions surrounding engagement on the platform and emphasizing the necessity for an incognito mode to maximize user engagement.

While most users may not opt for anonymous participation in Spaces chats, this incognito option provides flexibility for non-logged-in users to join discussions. It also caters to individuals eager to engage in potentially intense conversations while safeguarding their identity.

This novel control feature ensures that Spaces hosts retain authority over anonymity in their discussions. Currently undergoing testing with select users, this setting promises to enhance user control and inclusivity within the Spaces environment.