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X Tests Enhanced Discovery Features for Live-Streamed Videos

X is making efforts to enhance video discovery on its platform, especially for live-streams. The update is seen as a modest step, as constraints may limit a more significant change.

X Tests Enhanced Discovery Features

X, increasingly focused on video content, is making strides to improve live-stream discovery on its platform. This move might be more incremental than radical, but it signifies the company's attempts to adapt to user engagement preferences.

This cautious approach might be dictated by the limitations X is working with. The platform has faced a resource crunch, likely impacting its capacity for large-scale development projects.

While X has flaunted its innovation list since Elon Musk’s takeover, most features were already in development long before his arrival. With a smaller team and older projects now live, it remains to be seen what X can innovate next.

The timing of this update comes as X is asking users to pay $8/month for premium service, which hasn't significantly improved. The primary driver seems to be supporters of Elon Musk and his mission to ensure free speech within the app.

The modest change X is implementing may not drastically affect user behavior or drive massive engagement with live-stream video content. A more robust update could be necessary for that, but it’s unclear if the current setup at X will allow such an ambitious move.