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X to Introduce Job 'Matchmaking' Feature for Brands to Spotlight Relevant Opportunities Within the App

With new features designed to connect users to job opportunities, X is delving into the recruitment arena. But can it really compete with established giants like LinkedIn?

X app's job listing feature

X app is making waves in the recruitment world with its newly released feature for job listings. The listings, now officially part of its Verification for Organizations package priced at $1,000 per month, may give companies pause due to the steep price tag. However, what really intrigues us is X's entry into the job "matchmaking" arena.

LinkedIn's job recommendation algorithm is robust, employing an array of factors like education, career history, skills, courses, and even social interactions to deliver highly personalized job openings. Compared to LinkedIn, X is starting at a disadvantage, primarily because it doesn't possess as much data on users' professional lives. But that doesn't mean it's out of the game.

Although the details are sketchy at the moment, X is likely to use data like content posting, location, and interaction history to better match job ads with users. The crux is whether this data will be sufficient to make highly accurate matches, something that remains to be seen.

The $1,000-per-month Verification for Organizations package might appear as a barrier to entry for many companies. However, X has been "gifting" the verification and its associated benefits to high-profile companies, seemingly to create a sense of urgency among other brands. Whether this will boost adoption remains to be seen.

To encourage brands to get on board, X is adding perks like priority post display and soon, an upgraded version of TweetDeck, now termed "X Pro." These features, along with its analytics tools, could potentially lure more brands, especially those already using the platform for job listings.

As X app continues to broaden its offerings, the challenge lies in building effective tools that meet or exceed what competitors like LinkedIn already provide. Given the steep entry costs and relative infancy of its job matchmaking feature, X has its work cut out.

Only time will tell if X can indeed become a serious contender in the job recruitment space, but it's clear that the company has ambitious plans. We will be closely watching how X evolves its features in this competitive landscape.

Stay tuned for further updates and analysis as X continues to refine its job matchmaking capabilities. Will it be a game-changer or just another attempt at diversification? We'll find out.