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X Unveils Video Call Capability in its Transformation to an "Everything App"

X's CEO, Linda Yaccarino, announces the forthcoming addition of video calls as the platform evolves into an "everything app".

X Unveils Video Call Capability in its Transformation to an "Everything App"

X, previously known as Twitter, is on its way to becoming a one-stop solution for users, with CEO Linda Yaccarino confirming the introduction of video calls to the platform. In a recent interview with CNBC's Sara Eisen, Yaccarino elucidated the ongoing expansion of the platform's feature set, highlighting upcoming functionalities like long-form videos, creator subscriptions, payments, and the anticipated video call feature.

Hints of this transformation were dropped by X's designer, Andrea Conway, who teased her followers with a cryptic post saying, "just called someone on X." This statement, coupled with Yaccarino's revelation, paints a clear picture of the active development phase the feature is currently undergoing.

Under the stewardship of owner Elon Musk, X is embracing ambitious strides to diversify its offerings. From the announcement of elongated posts comprising 25,000 characters to introducing mechanisms to facilitate fund uploads, send payments, and even pondering the integration of high-yield savings accounts, the platform's metamorphosis is apparent. Recent developments, such as global creator revenue-sharing programs and the support for extensive two-hour videos – utilized by Apple to stream an entire episode of “Silo” on Apple TV+ – further accentuate the platform's evolution.

Additionally, with X's recent acquisition of the @music handle, speculations are rife about the company's intent to cater to the music and artist community.

Yaccarino, during her interview, resonated with Musk's vision of transforming X into an "everything app." She articulated, “When Elon announced me joining the company…he was very specific and very clear that I was joining him to help him transition Twitter to X, that everything app.”

Delineating her responsibilities vis-à-vis Musk’s, Yaccarino mentioned, “Elon focuses on product design. He leads a team of extraordinary engineers and focuses on new technology,” clarifying her overarching role in managing other pivotal company operations, from forging partnerships to overseeing legal, sales, and finance.

With X steering towards becoming an all-encompassing platform, it awaits to be seen how users and competitors will respond to these strategic moves.