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X's New Features: Streamlined DM Replies and Upcoming Audio-Video Calls

X rolls out a swipe-to-reply feature for Direct Messages and teases audio and video call functionality. Here's how it plans to revolutionize digital communication.

X Introduces Simplified Reply Feature for Direct Messages and Upcoming Audio and Video Call Functions

X, the ever-evolving social media platform, has introduced new features to streamline Direct Messages (DMs) and enhance user interaction. Led by Elon Musk, X aims to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital communication landscape.

The platform now allows users to swipe right on any DM to reply directly to that message. This follows their previous update from May, which enabled replies to specific messages within a DM thread. This new swipe-to-reply feature enhances the DM interaction even further.

Interestingly, X has made this feature accessible to all users, not just those who have X Premium subscriptions. Given that the majority of users are not subscribed to X Premium, limiting the feature would have hampered its adoption.

X is putting a spotlight on DMs, including group chats, as a way to foster private communities. This aligns with current trends in social media, which have seen a significant uptick in the emphasis on private interactions and communities.

Elon Musk has announced that audio and video calling features are in the pipeline. These calls will be available on Android, iOS, and the web, and according to Musk, will act as an "effective global address book." However, these calls won't be encrypted—at least initially.

Prior to Musk's acquisition, X had been striving to make DMs a vital customer service tool, albeit without much success. The inclusion of audio and video calls might be the missing puzzle piece to make DMs more effective as a customer service channel.

While small changes like swipe-to-reply may seem trivial, in the context of an expanding suite of communication tools, they could be more significant than they appear. These features aim to make X a more appealing choice for broader usage.

X is enhancing its DM functionalities with a swipe-to-reply feature and has teased future audio and video calling capabilities. These steps could make X an increasingly valuable tool in the digital communication landscape.