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X's Recent Traffic Figures Indicate a Decrease in Average User Time Spent

Dive into X's user stats breakdown, revealing surprising trends in user engagement and challenging Elon Musk's claims.

Unveiling X's User Engagement: Beyond the Numbers

Elon Musk's trust in "total user seconds" as the ultimate gauge of engagement for X has stirred a conversation, but do these figures truly depict the platform's success? Let's delve into the numbers beyond the surface.

At first glance, the reported 360.7 billion user seconds per day seems astronomical, but translating that, it averages to around 23.8 minutes per user daily—falling short of earlier claims of 32 minutes. This decline in per-user engagement contradicts Musk's assertions of increasing popularity.

Moreover, if average user seconds rise, the total user count likely declines. For X to maintain a 32-minute per day average, it would imply a drop to 185 million users daily from the reported 253 million. This raises doubts about the accuracy of usage per user versus the overall user count.

The division between web and mobile users is intriguing, with 88.55% accessing X via mobile, making Musk's emphasis on web traffic comparison, like with Instagram, misleading. Comparing web traffic with a fraction of Instagram's overall usage distorts the perception of X surpassing Instagram.

These discrepancies beg the question: Is Musk intentionally misleading or misinterpreting the data? Both charts indicate concerning trends for X, portraying potential user decline or reduced engagement time, conflicting with claims of 1.5 million daily sign-ups.

In marketing terms, the platform's value lies in understanding your audience's activity. While X may hold merit for some audiences, Musk's narrative of exponential growth seems incongruent with the data presented.