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Yahoo Mail Unveils AI-Enhanced Features, Including a 'Shopping Saver' Tool

Yahoo Mail rolls out new AI capabilities, including a unique Shopping Saver tool designed to help users reclaim forgotten store credits and gift cards. The update also includes a more intuitive search bar and a multi-tonal writing assistant.

Yahoo Mail Introduces AI-Powered Shopping Saver & Search Tools

Yahoo Mail has announced a series of upgrades aimed at making the email service more assistive and user-friendly. Most notably, the service has introduced a new Shopping Saver tool designed to help users discover forgotten gift cards, discount codes, and store credits.

The Shopping Saver tool is intended to help users save money by surfacing unused gift cards and store credits, which can then be applied to online purchases. The tool also drafts messages to vendors to help users claim these forgotten savings. According to Yahoo, nearly half of U.S. adults have at least one unused gift card, and the tool aims to chip away at the $23 billion worth of unused gift cards and credits in the U.S.

Yahoo Mail has also updated its existing capabilities, notably the service's search and writing assistant features. The search bar now suggests common questions to help users quickly find what they're looking for. For instance, users can simply ask, "How much did I spend on groceries last week?" to get an answer.

As for the writing assistant, it now offers a range of tones such as urgent, grateful, or apologetic, allowing users to better express their intent in emails.

Yahoo utilized Google Cloud's AI platform to develop these generative AI features, which were initially tested with iOS users and will soon be made available on web browsers.

Today's announcement comes as competitors like Google and Microsoft have also been enhancing their email services with generative AI-powered features.

Yahoo Mail's latest update represents a meaningful stride toward creating an assistive inbox that saves users both time and money. With competition from Google and Microsoft ramping up, these upgrades could play a key role in maintaining user loyalty and attracting new users to Yahoo Mail.