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YGG Summit Showcases Transformation of Gaming Landscape with Filipino Web3 Games

Explore the YGG Web3 Games Summit's game-changers, Ragnarok Landverse and Anito Legends, redefining gaming with free play, folklore, and cross-border trade!

YGG Web3 Games Summit: Ragnarok Landverse and Anito Legends Lead the Filipino Gaming Revolution

The YGG Web3 Games Summit in Taguig City witnessed a gaming renaissance with the resurgence of the Filipino classic, Ragnarok Landverse, and the groundbreaking debut of Anito Legends, signaling a shift in gaming paradigms.

Ragnarok Landverse, a modern iteration of the beloved Ragnarok Online, revolutionizes by eliminating payment barriers that once constrained players. Maxion's CEO, Shotiwan Wattanalarp, highlighted its free-to-play model fostering cross-country trading, offering gamers a monetization avenue.

Fully launched at the summit, Anito Legends brings Filipino folklore to life across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Jayvee Fernandez, Anito Legends' Chief Marketing Officer, celebrated the game's tokenomics and incorporation of local mythical beings, creating a unique identity for Filipino players.

Jayvee Fernandez likened Web3 to traditional card trading, highlighting its digital asset ownership and trade potential. Unlike past models, Web3 games enable continuous asset trading, presenting new e-commerce prospects within gaming.

DICT's Undersecretary Jocelle Sigue highlighted gaming as a digital economy driver. Fernandez expanded on this, noting Web3's introduction of digital collectibles and ongoing asset trading, fostering player earnings beyond traditional in-app purchases.

Fernandez emphasized Anito Legends' robust security measures to ensure uninterrupted gameplay. The focus remains on providing a secure and delightful gaming environment, prioritizing players' enjoyment above financial gains.

Both Ragnarok Landverse and Anito Legends capture global attention, engaging players from Ukraine and Russia. This international participation underscores Filipino gaming's potential for worldwide resonance and community building.

The YGG Web3 Games Summit marks a pivotal moment in Filipino gaming, showcasing Ragnarok Landverse and Anito Legends as pioneers in redefining gaming experiences globally. This evolution merges cultural identity, digital trade, and international connections, heralding a new era in gaming history.