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YouTube Clarifies Shorts Algorithm, View Metrics, and Addresses Other Creator Queries

Get the inside scoop on YouTube Shorts’ mysterious algorithm and how to make your short-form content shine! Your guide to unlocking views, understanding the algorithm, and mastering Shorts is here.

Youtube Shorts

If you've been scratching your head, puzzled about YouTube Shorts and how it actually works, we've got a treasure trove of insights for you! This week, YouTube dropped some serious knowledge bombs in a new video, aiming to demystify the YouTube Shorts platform.

First things first, Todd Sherman, the Product Lead for YouTube Shorts, finally revealed that there's a unique algorithm at play here. Unlike long-form YouTube where you're clicking to choose, Shorts is a swiping saga! The kicker? Shorts dishes out a smorgasbord of content to keep your scrolling game fresh! It prioritizes diversity because, let's face it, you’re not casually flicking through a handful of videos; you're on a swiping spree!

Other platforms might count a ‘view’ the second a video starts to play. Not on Shorts, folks! Here, a view is not just a casual flip; it means you actually intended to watch it. YouTube isn't spilling the beans on the exact 'view' threshold because they love tweaking things behind the scenes.

Wondering how long your Shorts should be? Sherman says, think story-length, not video-length! Keep it snappy at under 60 seconds, but long enough to deliver the goods. Oh, and forget those custom thumbnails; you won't need 'em!

Hashtags? Absolutely, use 'em! Optimal publishing time? It doesn’t really matter unless you're breaking news. Quality over quantity is the game for your Shorts to gain traction.

Ever noticed your Shorts taking off and then plummeting like a rock? According to Sherman, that's the algorithm trying to find you an audience and sometimes, well, it just tapers off.

YouTube isn’t too worried about Shorts eating into the long-form video pie. They’re actually planning on creating bridges from Shorts to long-form videos. However, they recently pulled the plug on links elsewhere on Shorts to curb spam.

So, there you have it! An insider's guide to making your YouTube Shorts not just short, but utterly sensational!